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The Colman laboratory will be present to meet you at the twelfth international show of Colombophilia on February 11 and 12, 2023 at KortrijXpo.

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Prepare your couples for mating

It is essential to seriously prepare the couples who will ensure the good continuation of your loft. So be sure to watch them carefully.

Raising your new young

From the 8th day:

Give young people a Colman Vitamin Sovereign Pill in the morning and evening for + or - 1 month.

For all young people:

A daily pinch of baking soda in the beak will ensure good digestion. (2 times per week)

sovereign pill

Do not overfeed your young after weaning

Prefer a light mixture of small seeds at first and increase the proportion of large seeds little by little.

Prepare your pigeons for competitions

4 to 5 days before basketing

Morning and evening :

A supreme vitamin pill Colman for the important reserve of energy.

  • A long story

    This activity has a long history and a tradition rooted in many countries around the world.

    For centuries, fanciers have worked hard to develop techniques to improve the performance and health of their pigeons, making it a truly fascinating art.

  • The exciting sport of pigeon racing

    Pigeon racing is an exciting sport that requires a combination of knowledge, care, technique and passion.

    They must also be able to understand the behaviors and flight habits of their pigeons to help them reach their full potential.

  • Constant improvement

    Fanciers around the world are working together to discover new techniques to improve the health and performance of their pigeons.

    New products and technologies are constantly being developed to help fanciers take care of their pigeons more efficiently and safely.

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