The differences between a domestic pigeon and a carrier pigeon

Carrier pigeons are often confused with domestic pigeons, but there are actually some notable differences between the two types of birds. In this article, we will explore the differences between pigeons and racing pigeons, highlighting their physical and behavioral characteristics.

1. Physical Characteristics

Size and appearance

Racing pigeons are generally larger and more muscular than domestic pigeons. They also have longer and wider wings, allowing them to fly farther and faster.


Racing pigeons have thicker and more resistant plumage than domestic pigeons. This protects them from the weather and helps them maintain their body heat during long distance flights.

2. Behavioral characteristics

Racing pigeons have a very high migration instinct, they have the ability to fly longer distances and find their loft. Domestic pigeons, on the other hand, usually don't fly as far or with as much endurance.

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